A list of Guidance Memos from the Office of the Managing Director

Guidance Memos

Guidance Memos are issued by the Office of the Managing Director when new Standards or Interpretations have been adopted or when, in the course of the Office's dealings with schools about compliance with the Standards, a number of schools are asking for clarification or direction regarding a particular Standard, Interpretation, or reporting requirement.  We remind schools that the Managing Director's Office does not have the authority to bind either the Council or the Accreditation Committee.


Standard 502(d) and Interpretation 502-1 and 502-2 (January 2018)

Rule 34: Teach-Out Plans (May 2017)

Standard 316: Bar Passage (August 2016)
Demonstrating Compliance with First-Time Bar Passage
Demonstrating Compliance with Ultimate Bar Passage

Standard 509:Required Disclosures (July 2014, revised July 2016)

Transition to and Implementation of the New Standards and Rules of Procedure for Approval of Law Schools (August 2014)

Standard 204: Self Study (January 2015, Revised April 2016, Revised March 2017)

Standard 503 and Interpretation 503-3: Admission Test (January 2015)

Bachelor's Degree/J.D. Programs (January 2015)

Standard 303: Curriculum and 304: Simulation Courses and Law Clinics (regarding experiential learning) (March 2015)

Standard 510: Student Complaints Implicating Compliance with the Standards (March 2015)

Standards 301, 302, 314, 315: Learning Outcomes (June 2015)

Standard 105(a)(12): Part-time Enrollment Options (July 2015)

Standard 504: Qualifications for Admission to the Bar

Standards 102(e), 102(f), 509(e) regarding accreditation status

Interpretation 305-2 regarding reasonable expenses related to a field placement

Standard 310: Determination of Credit Hours for Coursework (May 2016)

Guidance for Schools Seeking ABA-Approval

Managing Director's Memo

Timeline for Seeking Provisional/Full ABA Approval

Guidance Memos Archive