May 16, 2018

LAMP Distinguished Service Award - Guidelines

American Bar Association
Standing Committee on Legal Assistance for Military Personnel
2016 Distinguished Service Awards


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  1. Guidelines
    1. Criteria
      1. Awards shall be reserved for individuals or commands that have accomplished: 1) exceptional achievement(s) or 2) exceptional service to the armed forces legal assistance effort.  No award shall be given solely for sustained superior performance of routine duties.
      2. Individual awards shall be in recognition of:
        1. a significant legal assistance innovation; or
        2. demonstrated superior effort, exceeding the performance of routine duties, dedicated to providing legal assistance service over a specified period; or
        3. exceptional service to, or support of, the armed forces legal assistance effort.
      3. Group awards shall be in recognition of:
        1. a superior legal assistance program worthy of emulation by peers; or
        2. a major legal assistance innovation; or
        3. maintaining a quality legal assistance program through outstanding effort despite limited resources; or
        4. exceptional service to, or support of, the armed forces legal assistance effort.
      4. An individual or group recipient of an award may not be nominated for an award if having received a Distinguished Service Award within the past four years. Example: A 2012 Award recipient will not again be eligible for nomination until at least 2016.

    2. Nomination Procedures
      1. Nominations for the award may be made by:
        1. any armed forces liaison to the Committee;
        2. any member of the Committee
        3. the Judge Advocate General of the Army, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard, or the Director, Judge Advocate Division, USMC.
      2. Nominations must be in writing and shall include the nominating individual’s narrative justification for the proposed award and copies of documents demonstrating the nominee’s fulfillment of the applicable criteria.
        1. Narrative justifications for each entry may not exceed two typewritten pages, using standard margins and no smaller than a 12-point typeface.
        2. Supplemental documents should be limited to those substantively supporting the nomination. Submission of administrative documentation (statistical reports, logs, and the like) is strongly discouraged.
        3. Every nomination shall include an executive summary of the basis for the nomination, the length of which shall be limited to one page per nominee. The executive summary (or summaries) may be included in the coverletter accompanying the nomination package.
        4. Throughout the nomination packages, the use of acronyms should be avoided to the greatest extent possible.
      3. No nomination of a military member, military group or civilian employee of a service legal office shall be considered unless comments from the respective Chief of Legal Assistance of the service concerned are made available to the Committee. Those comments must be in writing and must address the following points:
        1. How the nomination meets the substantive criteria;
        2. How the award, if given, would further the purpose for which this program was established; and
        3. Special requests or information regarding presentation of the award, if approved.
      4. Persons who may NOT make direct nominations for awards are encouraged to recommend appropriate individuals and groups for nomination through their respective chain of command. Furthermore:
        1. Recommendations for nominations of military members, military groups or civilian employees of service legal offices shall be submitted to the Advisory Committee Member of the Service concerned; and
        2. Recommendations for the nominations of other individuals or groups shall be submitted to the Committee.
      5. Recommendations for nominations should be in writing, on the attached form, and should address the points set forth in paragraph I(A)(2) or (3) above.
      6. Time and Protocol for Submission:
        1. Award nominations that are submitted should encompass legal assistance services performed from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016, inclusive. The complete packet of materials from each service, including the respective chiefs’ top 5 (five) recommendations in each of the categories, individual and group, shall be received in the ABA LAMP offices by Friday, March 10, 2017;
        2. Submissions may be made via email. Send them to Kathleen Hughes. 
        3. Awards are to be voted on at the March Committee meeting;
        4. Award recipients are to be notified by April 10, 2017; and
        5. Awards are to be presented between April 10 and August 31, 2017.


  2. 1. Type of award for which you are applying: Individual___ Group___

    2. Nominee's Name or Command Title:

    3. Grade:

    4. Service:

    5. Present Duty Assignment (Billet and Unit Title):

    6. Present Address:

    7. Duty Telephone Number:

    8. Executive Summary:

    9. Narrative Justification:

    10. Name of Nominating Individual:

    11. Position:

    Encl. Service Chief of Legal Assistance Comments