Join us in the fight to fund the Legal Services Corporation so that it can continue to serve our most vulnerable citizens. Background information, instructions for getting involved, and advocacy resources can be found below.

Your Voice Matters

When Members of Congress hear from their constituents, they listen. Your voice as a constituent is powerful. You can stand up for legal aid by calling or visiting your Members of Congress, especially when they are in the home district. Here are tools to help you make those contacts.

Advocacy Resources

Background for Your Information

The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) is the single largest provider of civil legal aid in the nation, distributing 95% of its federal appropriation to 133 legal aid programs, with over 800 offices, nationwide; at least one LSC grantee is present in each of the fifty states.

Those benefiting from LSC-funded programs are among the most vulnerable Americans, including veterans returning from combat, domestic violence victims, those coping with the after-effects of natural disasters, families involved in child custody disputes, people with disabilities, and individuals undergoing foreclosures or other housing issues. Due to economic conditions, the number of people who qualify for legal services is at an all-time high; over 63.6 million Americans now are eligible for civil legal assistance.

LSC has been cut multiple times and has fallen far behind the level of funding it would have had if it had merely kept up with inflation. LSC is now funded at $410 million. However, the need for legal aid still continues to rise, with half of those eligible for legal aid being turned away due to lack of resources.  Therefore, LSC needs increased funding to accommodate low-income Americans across the country.

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