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ATJ Commissions

Launching New ATJ Commissions

The ABA Access to Justice Commission Expansion Project, with funding from the Public Welfare Foundation and the Kresge Foundation, made grants in 2012 and 2013 to promote the effective launch of new Access to Justice Commissions. Insights from the grant-funded initiatives, as well as past efforts, are incorporated into a new resource document:  

Designing & Launching a New ATJ Commission.

Resource materials produced under the grants that may be useful to other states developing or launching a new Commission. For information on launching new Commissions, see the materials on this page. For information on additional expansion grant activities, visit the Innovation and Expansion Grant page.

Creation of New ATJ Commission

  • To view all rules and orders establishing ATJ Commissions, view the Resource Center's Commission Directory and Structure page.

Establishing Work Groups and Launching New Activities

Task Force/Coalition Processes and Reports

Regional/Statewide Access to Justice Hearings

Strategic Planning for New Commissions

Launching a New Commission with a Statewide Access to Justice Conference

First Commission Meeting