National Meeting of State Access to Justice Commission Chairs

Table Talks

Collaborations and Partnerships to Implement Research Agendas
Table 1/Room: 217
Facilitator: April Faith-Slaker, Harvard Law School Access to Justice Lab

Mind the Gap: Who is Addressing Issues at the Intersection of Criminal and Civil Law?
Table 2/Room: 216
Facilitators: Hon. Ralph Gants, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and Chair, Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission; Monte Mollere, Louisiana State Bar Association

Portals and Chatbots and AI, Oh My! Latest Technology Tools for 100% Access
Table 3/Room: 231
Facilitators: Nalani Fujimori Kaina, Legal Aid Society of Hawaii; Stacey Marz, Alaska Court System; and Glenn Rawdon, Legal Services Corporation

Prioritizing Communications: Audience-Specific Messaging Strategies
Table 4/Room: 331
Facilitator: Jared Smith, North Carolina Access to Justice Commission

Language Access:  Challenges and Solutions
Table 5/Room: 318
Facilitator: Hon. Maria Kahn, Connecticut Supreme Court and Co-Chair, Connecticut Access to justice Commission

Selecting ATJ Policies for ATJ Commissions to Pursue (Discussing Outcomes Data, Justice Index, Justice For All, and More)
Table 6/Room: 318
Facilitator: James Gamble, National Center for Access to Justice

How Your Access to Justice Commission Can Support and Encourage Pro Bono at Every Stage of an Attorney's Career
Table 7/Room: 316
Facilitator: Julian Wright, Member, North Carolina Access to Justice Commission

Rural Outreach Initiatives and Mapping the Rural Attorney Shortage
Table 8/Room: 316
Facilitator: Amy Johnson, Arkansas Access to Justice Commission

The Buzz from the Beltway
Table 9/Room: 320
Facilitators: Jim Sandman, Legal Services Corporation; Don Saunders, National Legal Aid and Defender Association

Innovative Routes to Appointing Counsel in Civil Cases and the Latest in the Civil Right to Counsel Movement
Table 10/Room: 323
Facilitator: John Pollock, National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel

Modest Means Incubator Models
Table 11/Room: 323
Facilitator: Will Hornsby, Consultant, American Bar Association

How to Promote Unbundling - A Colorado Case Study
Table 12/Room: 325
Facilitator: Hon. Dan Taubman, Member, Colorado Access to Justice Commission

Idea Lab: Trouble-Shooting Self-Help Project Challenges
Table 13/Room: 325
Facilitator: Renee Danser, Self-Represented Litigation Network