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National Meeting of State Access to Justice Commission Chairs

Sam Scarrow

Sam Scarrow has worked in nonprofit communications, operations for campaigns and nonprofits, and campaign organizing for six years. As a strategic communications consultant at BerlinRosen, he delivered high-impact opinion and news placements for nonprofit and advocacy clients including the MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge, 100Kin10, and Voices for Civil Justice.

As Media Relations Manager for Voices for Civil Justice, Sam elevates human stories of the crises people face when seeking justice in civil court. He brings a keen sense of what editors and media gatekeepers look for in a story and builds the capacity of civil legal aid organizations to communicate to key local and national audiences.

He is a veteran of Iowa and Pennsylvania U.S. Senate, House, and gubernatorial campaigns as well as the Illinois state Senate Democratic Caucus. A Pennsylvania native, Sam enjoys singing in several choirs around the Washington area when he’s not devouring news and tweets.