Public Defense Reform

New Report! - Released June 2020

Privatization of Services in the Criminal Justice System

Released in June, 2020, this Report provides an comprehensive overview of the role private companies play throughout the criminal justice system and how the use of these private companies impacts low-income individuals moving through the system. The report summarizes research done by other entities, academics, journalists, and activists on specific aspects of privatization. The organization of the report tracks the sequence of a typical accused individual's experiences in the criminal justice system following arrest, demonstrating how costs compound as the individual moves through the system.

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Workload Studies

Exemplary Defense

Exemplary Defense: A Study of Three Groundbreaking Projects in Public Defense

The Exemplary Defense Report is a study of three inventive programs in public defense: (1) The Decarceration Project of The Legal Aid Society in New York City, New York; (2) The Future Appointed Counsel Training (FACT) Program in Harris County, Texas; and (3) The Independent Juvenile Defender Program in Los Angeles, California. The Report documents the formation of these projects and their successes. The goals of the Report are to encourage and assist other public defense providers in replicating the work of the recognized projects and pursuing their own innovation.

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