January 28, 2021

2016 Summit Materials

Saturday, February 6, 2016

  • Focus on Misdemeanors
    • Video
    • Speakers: Professor Robert Boruchowitz, Seattle University (Moderator); Professor David Singleton, Northern Kentucky University; Professor Erica Hashimoto, University of Georgia; Alexandra Natapoff, Loyola Law School
  • Seizing the Bipartisan Moment
    • Video
    • Speakers: Frederick S. Ansell, Chief Constitutional and Senior Crime Counsel, Senate Judiciary Committee; Ezekiel Edwards, Director, ACLU Criminal Law Reform Project; Rick Jones, First Vice President, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL); Jenny Kim, Deputy General Counsel – Political Law and Public Policy, Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC
  • The Economics of Public Defense
    • Video
    • Speakers: David Meyer, University of Southern California; James Bethke, Texas Indigent Defense Commission; Nancy Bennett, Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS); Jean Faria, Louisiana Public Defender Board
  • SCLAID Lifetime Achievement Award - Robert L. Spangenberg
  • Lunch Keynote
    • Speaker: Lisa Foster, Director, DOJ Office of Access to Justice
  • Ethical Blindness
    • Video
    • Speakers: Tigran Eldred, Professor, New England School of Law; Norman Lefstein, Dean Emeritus, Indiana University, McKinney School of Law; Jonathan Rapping, John Marshall Law School - Atlanta; Geoff Burkhart, ABA-SCLAID (Moderator)
  • Hearing on Caseloads in Tennessee
  • Participatory Defense
    • Video
    • Speakers: Brendon Woods, Alameda County Public Defender (Moderator); Janet Moore, Professor, University of Cincinnati; Adam Rose, client rights activist, California; Raj Jayadev, Organizer, Silicon Valley DeBug
  • Bail Reform 
    • Video
    • Speakers: Alec Karakatsanis, Founder, Equal Justice Under Law; Cherise Burdeen, Director, Pretrial Justice Institute; Laurence A. Benner, Professor of Law and Managing Director of Criminal Justice Programs, California Western School of Law; Doug Wilson, Colorado State Public Defender