January 28, 2021

2015 Summit Materials

Friday, February 6, 2015

Representing Mentally Ill Clients – Lori Gooch (ethics)

Jury Selection: A Practical Guide – Archana Prakash (ethics)

DNA: A Primer – Ed Ungvarsky

Preparing the Winning Case on Cross – Kent Shaffer

Constitutional Challenges to Crimes – Mark Bennett

Civil Commitments: What All Criminal Defense Lawyers Need to Know – Curtis Barton (ethics)


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Introductions - Terry Brooks, Theodore Howard

Metrics & Workloads - Part I Pretrial Release/Assignment of Counsel at First Appearance (Litigation) – Bob Boruchowitz, Ed Monahan, Paul DeWolfe, Maureen Essex (Moderator)

Metrics & Workloads - Part II – Dr. Dottie Carmichael, Steve Hanlon, Jim Bethke (Moderator)

Client Choice – The Comal County Project – Norm Lefstein

Using Smart Statistics to Improve Criminal Justice – Anne Milgram

Evolution of the Harris County Public Defender Office - Sen. Rodney Ellis, Alex Bunin, George "Mac" Secrest

Ethical Obligations of Judges/Prosecutors – Jaime Esparza, Judge John Thornton, Carlos Martinez, Ellen Yaroshefsky (Moderator) (ethics)

Implicit Bias – Jeff Robinson

Introduction of ABA President William Hubbard -
Lisa Wood

Remarks of ABA President William Hubbard

Question and Answer Session - Ernie Lewis, Colette Tvedt, Michelle Bonner, Dan Goyette