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ABA Public Defense Summit
Virtual Event
Day 1: January 21, 2021
Day 2: January 22, 2021
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OVERALL DESCRIPTION:  This year’s ABA Public Defense Summit focused on misdemeanor courts, and the role public defenders should play in effectively representing misdemeanor defendants and ensuring that the procedures in these courts protect those who are not entitled to counsel.

DAY ONE DESCRIPTION: Most people have their first experiences with the criminal justice system in Misdemeanor Court. Misdemeanor convictions, while often considered minor, can result not only in incarceration, but also extreme collateral consequences and crippling fines and fees. Despite the significant impact misdemeanor convictions have on accused individuals and their loved ones, the 6th Amendment right to counsel in misdemeanor court is limited to those who face potential incarceration. Day One of the Public Defense Summit  focused on issues of the monetary cost of misdemeanor courts, as well as when there is a right to counsel. The Sessions covered Fines and Fees, No Counsel Courts, and Bail Reform.

DAY TWO DESCRIPTION: Day Two of the Summit focused on efforts to reform aspects of Misdemeanor Courts. Topics included Ethical Obligations in Misdemeanor Courts, Counsel at First Appearance, and Criminalization of Homelessness and Mental Health Issues.

Ethical Considerations and Best Practices When Representing Low Income and Vulnerable Individuals:  Clients with Diminished Capacity

December 16, 2019
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Ethical Duties of Prosecutors in Negotiating Plea Bargains in Misdemeanor Cases
September 9, 2019

A Conversation on Bail Reform

August 26, 2019
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Bail Reform Litigation: Past, Present and Future

January 31, 2019—3:30 p.m. (ET)
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2018 Summit on Public Defense
April 20, 2018—Chicago, IL
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2017 Summit on Public Defense
February 4, 2017—Miami, FL
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