October 21, 2020

Public Defense News

Here is the public defense news for Oct 15-21 2020:


Report from the Special Adviser on Equal Justice in the New York State Courts


Dying inside: The hidden crisis in America’s jails

A state-by-state look at coronavirus in prisons


Kansas’ public defenders, already overburdened, adapt to pandemic

New Jersey:

Murphy signs bill to release thousands of NJ prisoners early beginning the day after Election Day

NJ public defender office, Cumberland County ready to argue inmate housing

Public defender’s order to show cause reveals warden Smith’s gross incompetence


Santa Cruz County plans to reshape public defender office

“The numbers tell only half the story” – Narratives from San Quentin on COVID-19 data

“The whole jail will be infected eventually” – Incarcerated voices from Elmwood CC highlight inhumane conditions during COVID-19


Louisiana public defenders ask skeptical Supreme Court to let them drop, refuse cases

New Orleans public defenders are mobilizing to “flip the bench”

A down-ballot revolution is brewing in New Orleans


Pandemic has led to ‘upward trend’ in some cases assigned to Utah County public defenders


Backlog of jury trials could take months or more to resolve


There is a coronavirus outbreak among Waukesha County court staff and deputies, public defender says


Macomb names county public defender to ‘balance’ prosecutor’s power

Macomb County names new public defender to represent those who are indigent

Chief public defender delivers annual report (Livingston County)

Carey stepping down as indigent defense office head (Wexford-Missaukee)

Denise Lane becomes first social worker in Berrien County’s public defender’s office

New York:

Report reveals ‘long-simmering racial tensions’ in New York state courts

Ruth Boyer confirmed as Ulster County public defender by Legislature

New Mexico:

Judges get more flexibility on pretrial detention


Arizona Supreme Court hears case where man has been held 15 months in custody without bail hearing


Commissioners establish public defender office (Delaware County)


No more jury sentencing.  General Assembly reshapes Virginia’s legal system.


“It’s the most outrageous thing I’ve ever seen. It makes no sense.”: DNA evidence proved Lydell Grant’s innocence. So why won’t the state’s highest criminal court exonerate him?

Bexar County DA, public defender, state lawmaker discuss justice reform


Federal public defender Patti Ghezzi retires after highly regarded career

A super-spreader jail keeps sparking COVID outbreaks across the US


Legal experts decry lack of minority, female judges in western Massachusetts

Letter: Take note Governor, Massachusetts appellate courts short jurists with criminal defense experience

New Hampshire:

New Hampshire updates public access rules during pandemic


Intern in public defender’s office fired after evidence leak in Joe Clyde Daniels case

Of Interest:

Judge allows prisoners to pursue stimulus checks

The real forgotten voter is sitting in jail

Opinion: Failures of grand jury process evident in Breonna Taylor case

The complicated role of Black leaders in shaping the criminal justice system

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