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January 27, 2021



Ad Hoc Committee to Review the CJA (ABA President Paulette Brown - 5/11/16)

Eligibility for Assignment of Counsel (ABA President Paulette Brown - 8/26/15)

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Indigent Defense Provision (ABA President Paulette Brown - 1/26/15)


Maryland Money Bail (11/15/16)

New York Governor (8/5/16)

Louisiana Governor (3/30/16)

Senate Judiciary Committee (5/12/15)

Colorado House Judiciary Committee (3/16/15)

South Carolina Commission on Prosecution Coordination (12/16/14)

Amicus Briefs

Walker v. City of Calhoun (8/18/16) (regarding money bail)

Christeson v. Roper (8/17/16) (regarding funding the defense function)

Rodriguez v. Providence Community Corrections, Inc. (4/26/16) (regarding money bail)

Adam Kuren, et al. v. Luzerne County, et al. (Pennsylvania Supreme Court - 9/10/15)

Public Defender v. Florida (Florida Supreme Court - 1/3/12)

Missouri v. Waters (Missouri Supreme Court - 5/12/11)