Resource Center for Access to Justice Initiatives

The Resource Center for Access to Justice (ATJ) Initiatives serves judicial, private bar, and legal aid leaders who work together to provide people of low and modest income with meaningful access to their justice systems. The Center's two main focuses are: (1) Supporting the growth and development of state-based Access to Justice Commissions; and (2) Collecting and analyzing data on the various sources of funding for civil legal aid

Access to Justice Commissions

Access to Justice Commissions are collaborative entities that bring together courts, the bar, civil legal aid providers, and other stakeholders in an effort to remove barriers to civil justice for low-income and disadvantaged people.

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Civil Legal Aid Funding

Financial resource limitations remain one of the largest barriers preventing civil legal aid providers, even with their pro bono allies, from addressing the needs of low-income client communities.

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Access to Justice Topics

Find resources related to planning, education, coordination, and delivery system enhancement.

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