Civil Legal Services

Civil Legal Services for the Poor

Legal Services Corporation

Adequate funding for the federal Legal Services Corporation is one of the ABA's highest legislative priorities.

The ABA strongly supports a significant funding increase for the Legal Services Corporation. ABA advocacy seeks to gain or reinforce Congressional Members' support for LSC, to get their signature on a letter in support of LSC's funding increase and to keep them involved on behalf of LSC funding throughout the appropriations process. Details.

Lend your voice in support of LSC and other ABA legislative priorities through the ABA Legislative Action Center.

Reviewing Nominees to the LSC Board of Directors

The ABA, through SCLAID, reviews the qualifications of those nominated to serve on the Board of the Legal Services Corporation. Details

Standards for Legal Services

The Committee has prepared, and the ABA has adopted as official policy, two sets of standards intended to guide local legal services programs and their funders, including the Legal Services Corporation. Both sets of standards are available for download. To download, click the relevant link below:

Standards for the Provision of Civil Legal Aid - These standards articulate best practices for local programs providing civil legal services to the poor.

Standards for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Providers of Legal Services to the Poor - These standards provide guidance on the appropriate role and activities of funding and other agencies seeking to review or audit the work of providers of civil legal services to the poor.