June 20, 2019

Public Defense News

Here is the public defense news June 13-20:


PLEASE take a moment to fill out this SURVEY! Civil Rights Corps and the ABA SCLAID are hoping to hear from you about the diversion offerings in your jurisdiction! Thank you, and please feel free to send any questions or comments to olevia@civilrightscorps.org.


Council of State Governments Justice Center: Confined and Costly: How supervision violations are filling prisons and burdening budgets


Nearly 500,000 in jail without a conviction

This psychologist explains why people confess to crimes they didn’t commit

Opinion: Public defenders as prosecutors: Unanswered questions


Baton Rouge public defender cites 'excessive workloads' in request to drop some indigent defendants

Trial for East Baton Rouge Parish chief public defender underway

EBR office of public defender requests reduction in case load for attorneys


Springfield District Court public defender office files emergency petition, asks state high court to overturn judge’s order to take cases


Editorial board: Public defender issues should be addressed

Opinion: State public defender showed courage, not contempt


Oregon public defenders walk out to seek resources

Oregon public defenders lobby for pay, staffing overhaul

A new bar complaint against the state's top public defender comes as his agency seeks a total revamp - and a lot more money


Public defender loan repayment program could cost $3 million over two years


Investing in public defender's office a prudent move (Kankakee County)

New York:

City’s public defenders to get pay parity with city lawyers

De Blasio, Johnson agree on 2020 budget; will fund public defender pay parity


Public defender calls on Broward Sheriff to 'immediately investigate' jail deaths after 2 inmates die in 1 week

Deaths of 2 inmates in Broward County are 'highly suspect,' public defender says


Opinion: Will Pennsylvania abolish the death penalty?

Of Interest: Philly's weekend violence has officials eager to find answers - and place blame

South Carolina:

Richland County hikes pay for public defenders


Salina City commission hires public defender for municipal court


Deputy public defender position created as regular position (York County)

New Jersey:

Attack on Atlantic County (public defense) attorney sparks new legislation

Bayonne municipal courtroom named for longtime public defender Hughes


Sara Spencer-Noggle named Isabella's first public defender

West Virginia:

Chief Justice Walker to speak to public defenders


Local attorney earns scholarship

Of Interest:

AP Investigation: Many US jails fail to stop inmate suicides

Opinion: He won a landmark case for privacy rights. He's going to prison anyway.

How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about

This state is expected to become the first to collect prosecutor data, with breakdowns by race

Black people are charged at a higher rate than whites. What if prosecutors didn't know their race?

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