August 15, 2019

Public Defense News

Here is the public defense news August 9-15:

Consider nominating a public defender program or public defense delivery system for the Clara Shortridge Foltz award, which honors outstanding achievement in the provision of services to indigent defendants.  Nominations are DUE TODAY!


How cash bail hurts poor women – and what we can do about it

Juvenile defender wants to teach teachers to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline

Why lawyer well-being can impact access to justice


With 3 death penalty cases, Weber County is paying hundreds of thousands for defense lawyers

Governor appoints former public defender to 3rd District Court


Federal judge holds Kansas City, Kansas, U.S. Attorney’s Office in contempt of court


Pilot program aims to keep people out of jail for failing to appear in court


Wyoming eyes legal defense offices for children and parents


Public defender’s office ‘struggling’ to find attorney for accused murderer


Letter: Taping defendant’s mouth shut violated judicial norms


Judge allows class action over inmate ‘masturbation attacks’ against public defenders and jail workers

Pentuic selected chief public defender (Kankakee County)


Mayor David Briley (Nashville) backs law change to resolve dispute between police, prosecutors

Knox County public defender Mark Stephens stepping down after 29 years of service


Washington County, Marietta agencies already working as a team (DL reinstatement)


Miami-Dade won’t prosecute minor pot cases. And cops can’t act on a sniff test alone.

Editorial: Matt Shirk’s actions warrant another grand jury

New Hampshire:

NH transitions to e-courts: what it means

New York:

Oswego County may again look at having a public defender’s office


County will not take part in shared public defender program (Greene County)


New public defender to take office (Mohave County)


Governor Whitmer appoints Sara Spencer-Noggle to the 21st Circuit Court

Of Interest:

The complicated legacy of ‘broken windows’ policing

Attorney General Barr does not approve of your kinder, gentler elected district attorneys

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