February 21, 2019

Public Defense News

Here is the public defense news February 15-21:

In Memoriam:

Daron Morris, longtime King County public defender, dies at 45


Lessons from defending detainees at Guantanamo Bay


GOP lawmakers support pay increase for attorneys taking public defender cases

Assembly Republicans call for $50 million criminal justice package

Vos calls for criminal justice reforms in Evers’ budget proposal

GOP plan aims to address state public defender problems

Editorial: Public defenders and prosecutors deserve a raise

Wisconsin Gov. Evers' budget proposes decriminalizing marijuana, legalizing medical use


Virginia inexplicably killed a bill that could've helped thousands with suspended licenses


Local governments push back on state effort to shift costs for public defenders

Panel approves scaled-back draft of Corrections, public-defender budgets


Neighborhood Defender Service establishing office in Wayne County

The new public defender (Ottawa County)

Cost of criminal justice to figure in prominently to county board meeting


State public defender: Fewer local traffic tickets leads to greater need for state funding

Louisiana routinely jails people weeks, months, years after their release dates

Youth charged as adults have no spot in local jail; attorneys plea for return to juvenile detention

Public defender sues city for records on surveillance camera locations


Public defenders office would have to hire more lawyers under new caseload caps

Idaho public defender workload: Do they really care about your case?

Blaine County to open public defense department


Workload immense in public defender system

Santana speaks to WSCC students


Public defender's office runs below budget, but critics worry defendants pay the price

Philly DA Larry Krasner stopped seeking bail for low-level crimes. Here's what happened next.

Philly narcotics cops turned suspects into off-the-books confidential informants. Now, defense lawyers want to know more.


Travis County remains hopeful about creation of public defender's office, despite setbacks

In search of the best 'yes' for indigent defense

West Virginia:

Hicks appointed to public defender corporation


City Hall moves to install public defender at municipal court

Tupelo seeks to hire full-time public defender


Beatings, illegal strip searches continue at SF jails, says public defender


Kentucky jails scrutinized for recording attorney-inmate phone calls


A longtime Casper public defender retired. But he's not done opposing the prosecution.


Public defender prepping for 'Jeopardy!' appearance

Of Interest:

Supreme Court limits police powers to seize private property

Supreme Court strikes blow against states that raise revenues by hefty fines, forfeitures

Special courts for veterans languish

Scrubbing the past to give those with a criminal record a second change

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