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Legal Ethics for Public Interest Lawyers

Join us for the second program in a series of CLE webinars to address unique ethical issues and challenges arising in a public interest practice:

Ethical Considerations for Legal Aid Lawyers Communicating with Low Income and Vulnerable Clients
June 24, 2020, 1:00–2:00 p.m. Eastern

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We have requested 1.00 credit hours of Ethics CLE credit for this webinar, which is available at no additional cost to ABA members. Members have free access to over 600 online webinars and on-demand programs like this one, and public interest lawyers can join the ABA for around the cost of just one CLE program. Find out more about Public Interest membership in the ABA at  

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2020 ABA Midyear CLE: Holistic Representation

SCLAID hosted a program "Holistic Representation: Models for assisting clients to address the root causes of justice system involvement" at the 2020 ABA Midyear Meeting, a part of the Defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice Summit.

Defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice Summit

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Legal Ethics for Public Interest Lawyers

The ABA Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants and the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility are developing a series of webinar CLE programs to address the unique ethical issues and challenges arising in a public interest practice. The first program is available in the ABA CLE Marketplace at no cost to ABA members.

Ethical Considerations and Best Practices When Representing Low Income and Vulnerable Individuals:  Clients with Diminished Capacity
1.0 credit hours of Ethics CLE has been requested

Providing civil legal services to low-income and vulnerable clients presents unique practical issues as well as ethical considerations for lawyers. This webinar will explore ethical issues confronting civil legal aid and/or pro bono lawyers who represent clients with diminished capacity.  Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.14 provides the backdrop for the discussion. Representing clients with diminished capacity implicates other Model Rules as well; for example, Model Rule 1.4 (Communication) and Model Rule 1.6 (Confidentiality). Using scenarios to illustrate ethical dilemmas and solutions, attendees will better understand how to work with low-income and vulnerable clients ethically and effectively, and in a way that is trauma-informed and builds trust.

Marianne J. Conrad, Managing Attorney, Indiana Legal Services, Inc., New Albany, IN
Jenny K. Mittelman
, Deputy General Counsel, State Bar of Georgia, Atlanta, GA
: Ellyn Rosen, Regulation and Global Initiatives Counsel, American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility, Chicago, IL

All programs in this ethics-focused CLE series will be available at no cost to ABA members; the cost for nonmembers is $100/program. Special annual membership rates for public interest attorneys between $75 and $150 make ABA membership a better value than paying for individual CLE programs. More information about public interest membership is available here.