SOC Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the following members: the Chair of SOC (SOC Chair), the Immediate Past SOC Chair, one representative of each of the six class groups (Chairs, Chairs-Elect, Vice-Chairs, Secretaries, Budget Officers, and Delegates) as elected by the SOC, the SOC representatives appointed to serve with the Board of Governors on the Board of Governors committees, and up to two other members as appointed at the discretion of the SOC Chair.  The SOC Chair-Elect shall serve as an ex-officio member.

The Executive Committee shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Conference between its business meetings and make recommendations with respect to resolution of issues of urgent concern to the SOC between meetings of the SOC, with approval of such recommendations by the SOC Chair, subject to the orders of the SOC.  None of the acts of the Executive Committee shall conflict with action taken by the Conference.  The SOC Chair shall communicate information about actions taken by the Executive Committee to members of the SOC either by mail, electronic mail, conference call, or at the SOC business meetings.  No action of the Executive Committee shall be binding upon the Sections.

2019-2020 SOC Executive Committee

  • Hilary H. YoungChair, 2019-2021 (Health Law Section)
  • Michael G. BergmannImmediate Past Chair (Judicial Division)
  • Christopher T. HexterChair Class Representative, 2019-2020  (Labor and Employment Law Section)
  • Susan Warshaw EbnerChair-Elect Class Representative, 2019-2020 (Public Contract Law Section)
  • Kim R. JessumVice-Chair Class Representative, 2019-2020 (Intellectual Property Law Section)
  • Juan ThomasSecretary Class Representative, 2019-2020 (Civil Rights and Social Justice Section)
  • Jules L. Smith , Budget Officer/Finance Chair Class Representative, 2019-2020 (Labor and Employment Law Section)
  • William W. HortonDelegate Class Representative, 2019-2020 (Health Law Section)
  • Alexandria McCombsSOC Executive Committee Member-at-Large, 2019-2020 Health Law Section)
  • Mary T. VidasSOC Executive Committee Member-at-Large, 2019-2020 (Family Law Section)
  • Donald D. SlesnickSOC Liaison to Board of Governors -  Member Services Committee (Labor and Employment Law Section)
  • Orlando Lucero SOC Liaison to Board of Governors -  Public Service and Diversity Committee (Real Property, Trust & Estate Law Section)
  • Hilary H. YoungSOC Liaison to Board of Governors -  Finance Committee (Health Law Section)
  • Robert L. BrownSOC Liaison to Board of Governors -  Subcommittee on Investments (International Law Section)

2019-2020  SOC Liaisons

  • ABA Day Planning Committee
    William D. Johnston (Business Law Section)
  • ABA Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council
    Jo Ann Engelhardt (Real Property, Trust & Estate Law Section)
  • ABA Standing Committee on Continuing Legal Education (SCOCLE)
    Walter W. Karnstein (Law Practice Division)
  • ABA Standing Committee on Meetings & Travel
    Honorable Leslie Miller (Judicial Division)
  • ABA Standing Committee on Membership (SCOM)
    Michael Kamprath (State & Local Government Law Section), Christopher L. Brown (Young Lawyers Division), Amy Edwards (Environment, Energy and Resources Section)
  • ABA Standing Committee on Publishing Oversight (SCOPO)
    Robert P. Redemann (Tort, Trial and Insurance Practice Section)
  • House of Delegates Committee on Scope and Correlation of Work
    Hilary H. Young (Health Law Section)
  • Law Student Advisory Committee
    Andrew M. Schpak (Young Lawyers Division)
  • ABA Standing Committee on Technology & Information Systems (SCOTIS)
    Peter J. Gillespie (Science and Technology Law Section), and Steve Cernak (Antitrust Law Section)