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SOC Committees/Liaisons

The SOC Chair by appointment, or the Executive Committee or the SOC majority vote, may establish committees of the SOC, special and standing.  The SOC Chair shall appoint members of these committees and SOC liaisons to other ABA entities.  The SOC Chair-Elect shall make similar appointments of persons who will serve during his or her term as SOC Chair.

The appointees need to not be members of the SOC but shall be members in good standing of the ABA unless approved by the Executive Committee.

SOC Committee Liaisons

Kim R. Jessum,Chair, 2023-2025
Intellectual Property Law Section
E: [email protected]

Joseph L. Raia, Immediate Past Chair, 2023-2025
International Law Section
E: [email protected]

Tina Luongo, Chair Class Representative, 2023-2025
Criminal Justice Section
E: [email protected]

Matthew Fisher, Chair-Elect Class Representative, 2023-2025
Health Law Section
E: [email protected]

Randi Brent Starett, Vice-Chair Class Representative, 2023-2025
Judicial Division
E: [email protected]

Brandon H. Riches, Secretary Class Representative, 2023-2025
Young Lawyers Division
E: [email protected]

Melissa Pallett-Vasquez, Finance Class Representative, 2023-2025
International Law SectionE: [email protected]

Mark Schickman, Delegates Class Representative, 2023-2025
Conference of Section and Division Delegates
E: [email protected]

Arlan D. Lewis, SOC Membership Committee Chair, 2023-2025
Forum on Construction Law E: [email protected]

John McMeekin, Member-at-Large, 2023-2025
Tort, Trial& Insurance PracticeSection
E: [email protected]

Open, Member-at-Large, 2022-2023

SOC Representatives to the ABA Board of Governors

Kim R. Jessum, SOC Liaison to the BOG-Finance Committee

Jon Rubens,SOC Liaison BOG – Member Services Committee, 2023-2024
Business Law Section
E: [email protected]

Daniel Van Horn SOC Liaison BOG – Public Service and Diversity Committee, 2023-2024
International Law Section
E: [email protected]

Robert Lytle,SOC Liaison BOG – Subcommittee on Investments, 2023-2024
Intellectual Property Law Section
E: [email protected]

SOC Board of Governors Liaisons

ABA Day Planning Committee

  • Deniz Tamer – International Law Section

ABA Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council

  • Nicole Galli – Intellectual Property Law Section, Litigation Section

ABA Standing Committee on Continuing Legal Education (SCOCLE)

  • Josh Lee – Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section

ABA Standing Committee on Meetings & Travel

  • Susan Ebner-Public Contract Law Section

ABA Standing Committee on Membership (SCOM)

  • Arlan Lewis – Forum on Construction Law (Membership Committee Chair)
    Steve Curley- Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division
  • Ruth Hill Bro-Science & Technology Law Section

ABA Standing Committee on Publishing Oversight (SCOPO)

  • Darrell Motley – Intellectual Property Law Section
  • Andy Gowder– Labor & Employment Law Section
    Griselda Vega Samuel – Litigation Section
  • Jedidiah Blake – Young Lawyers Division

House of Delegates Committee on Scope and Correlation of Work

  • Kim Jessum – Intellectual Property Law Section

Law Student Advisory Committee

  • Mathew Kerbis – Young Lawyers Division

Standing Committee on Technology and Information Systems (SCOTIS)

  • Daniel J. Siegel, Law Practice Division
  • Thomas Zych – Antitrust Law Section

FY2023 BOG Liaisons:

  • Jon Rubens-Business Law Section, SOC Liaison to the BOG Member Services Committee, 2023-2025
  • Danny Van Horn, SOC Liaison to the BOG Profession, Public Service and Diversity Committee, 2023-2025
  • Kim Jessum (SOC Chair/IPLS), SOC Liaison to the BOG Finance Committee, 2023-2025
  • Rob Lytle -Intellectual Property Law Section, SOC Liaison to the BOG Subcommittee on Investments, 2023-2025

Awards Committee

  • Tamara Nash, Chair (Young Lawyers Division)
  • Rob Lytle (Section of Intellectual Property Law)
  • Nancy Stafford (International Law Section)

SOC Staff 

Amy Eggert
E: [email protected]

Robin Roy
E: [email protected]

Susan Tobias
E: [email protected]

Josh Poje
E: [email protected]

Kiwani Cooper Graham
E: [email protected]