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Section Officers Conference

The Section Officers Conference (SOC) is composed of the volunteer ABA member Officers of each Section, Division and Forum, namely the Chair, Chair-Elect, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Budget or Finance Officer, Delegate, and any other recognized Officer of a Section pursuant to its internal governance structure.

Chair, 2023-2025

Kim R. Jessum

Kim Jessum is Chief IP Counsel, Associate General Counsel, and Secretary at Heraeus Incorporated in Yardley, Pennsylvania and VP, Legal at Heraeus Medevio in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Heraeus is a Fortune Global 500 portfolio company specializing in precious metals, materials, sensors, biomaterials, and medical products, as well as quartz glass and specialty light sources. Kim is responsible for providing intellectual property and general legal advice for various business units in the United States and worldwide.

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To provide a forum for sharing ideas on issues of mutual concerns to section officers, to advance the interests of the sections and their officers, and to perform those duties assigned to the SOC in the ABA Constitution, Bylaws and Policies.


GOAL I: Facilitate advocacy of the interests of ABA Sections, Divisions, and Forums.

GOAL II: Facilitate effective communication between and among ABA entities, and ABA Sections, Divisions, and Forums.

GOAL III: Serve as a central resource for ABA Section, Division, and Forum member leaders for:
(a) Sharing information and best practices.
(b) Providing networking opportunities and support for growth and health of ABA Sections, Divisions, and Forums.

GOAL IV: Support the resolution of divergent views among ABA Sections, Divisions, and Forums.

2022-2023 SOC Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the following members: the Chair of SOC , the Immediate Past SOC Chair, one representative of each of the six class groups (Chairs, Chairs-Elect, Vice-Chairs, Secretaries, Budget Officers, and Delegates) as elected by the SOC, the SOC representatives appointed to serve with the Board of Governors on the Board of Governors committees, and up to two other members as appointed at the discretion of the SOC Chair.

Meet the - SOC Executive Committee

2023 SOC Fall Leadership Meeting

Join the ABA Section Officers Conference, September 12-14, for the Annual SOC Fall Leadership Meeting in Chicago! This is the only meeting of the Association that invites the participation of all SDF Officers, offers programs for the orientation of new leaders, reviews leader responsibilities, and delivers networking that will promote and facilitate collaboration and a discussion of current projects and initiatives.

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