April 13, 2021

Office of the President Staff

The Office of the President's staff provides expertise, advice, counsel and support to the American Bar Association's presidential officers.


Andre Burke
Director, Presidential Operations
Phone: 312.988.5891

Provides subject matter expert advice, counsel, and support to the presidential officers of the ABA on substantive, procedural, media and policy matters of the Association and the profession.

Advisors and Schedulers

Maryam Judar
Senior Presidential Advisor to President Patricia Lee Refo
Phone: 312.988.6277

Chandra Fitzpatrick
Senior Presidential Advisor to President-Elect Reginald M. Turner and Immediate Past President Judy Perry Martinez
Phone: 312.988.5720

Ira Pilchen

Senior Communications Advisor
Phone: 312.988.5743

Sarah Vetrano
Senior Presidential Scheduler
Phone: 312.988.5116

Erin Kresse
Scheduling Associate
Phone: 312.988.5308


Katy Englehart
Deputy Director, Office of the President
Phone: 312.988.5134

Danielle Norwood
Communications Coordinator |
Presidential Appointments Manager
Phone: 312.988.5122

Lisette Moreno
Office Coordinator
Phone: 312.988.5025

International Visitors

To participate in the International Visitors Program
contact the program's coordinator:

Danielle Norwood
Phone: 312.988.5122

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Office of the President
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