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September 25, 2023 ABA Task Force for American Democracy

The 2024 Election: Rebuilding Trust


Hyperpolarization, low voter confidence, and the threat of generative artificial intelligence (AI) disinformation all pose unique threats to the 2024 Election. These challenges require electoral reforms to ensure fair elections and restore voter confidence. Critically, the federal government must work with state governments to increase election security funding, ensure the nonpartisan administration of elections, and maintain accurate voter registration lists. However, government action alone is insufficient. Business leaders should augment government reforms through public-private partnerships. Business leaders can play a critical role in providing voter education and access to their employees.  

Key Findings/Messages

Business, an institution increasingly viewed as competent and ethical, should play a key role in helping to restore trust and confidence in American elections. Business leaders should inform their employees of new voting rules and procedures, provide employees time to vote, and educate employees on how to identify and combat electoral disinformation. 

Key Recommendations Made

  • Secure Elections: Require voting machines to produce a paper record and prohibit the use of wireless components in voting systems.
  • Access to Voting: States should provide ten days of early voting. The USPS should provide priority service for mail-in ballots. Business leaders should implement programs which make voting more accessible for employees.
  • Credible Elections/Disinformation: In order to expedite the announcement of electoral results, early mail-in ballots should be counted before election day with the results held confidential until polls close. Public-private partnerships to educate voters on how to identify misinformation and disinformation (with a special emphasis on AI generated media/deepfakes).