January 25, 2021

Policy and Planning Division

The Policy and Planning Division staffs the Board of Governors, the House of Delegates and the Secretary of the Association.  We are committed to providing the highest quality service and information concerning policy and governance issues to the leadership, membership and staff of the Association.

Janae LeFlore, Director
Phone: (312) 988-5157

Oversees all aspects of the Division.  Specifically responsible for the management of support services and integration of the activities, operations and communications of the Board of Governors and the House of Delegates, respectively.  Works closely with the Chair of the House of Delegates, Committee on Rules and Calendar and the Secretary of the Association. 

Janae LeFlore, Director
Phone: (312) 988-5157

Carri Kerber, Assistant Director
Phone: (312) 988-5161

Liaison for the Board of Governors Member Services Committee, including developing agendas, and writing minutes and other summary reports.  Maintains the Board’s policy records and provides research on policy issues.  Administers the Association’s Blanket Authority Policy and project approvals.  Produces the ABA Policy and Procedures Handbook (Greenbook).

Also provides staff support for the House of Delegates Resolution and Impact Review Committee.

Cecilia Boyd, Manager
Phone:  (312) 988-5618

Liaison for the Board of Governors Profession, Public Service and Diversity Committee (PPSD) and co-sponsorship requests.  Provides staff support for the Standing Committee on Constitution and Bylaws and produces the ABA Constitution and Bylaws.  Produces the ABA Leadership Directory (Redbook).

Shirley Myles, Office Administrator
Phone:  (312) 988-5169

Provides primary administrative support withing the Division.  Maintains Board listsserv and general correspondence.  Provides meeting planning activities for the Division and manages the set-up of the remote office at the Board Meetings and the Executive Offices at the Annual and Midyear Meetings.  Monitors activity, budget and other financial reports.  Processes reimbursement requests for members the Board.

Janae LeFlore, Director
Phone: (312) 988-5157

Leticia Spencer, Manager
Phone:  (312) 988-5160

Liaison to the House of Delegates with respect to all aspects of House representation and membership.  Supports committees of the House, including Credentials and Admissions, Drafting Policies and Procedures, Issues of Concern to the Legal Profession, Select Committee, Steering Committee of the Nominating Committee, and Technology and Communications.  Also supports the Board of Elections and administers the elections of State Delegates, Delegates-at-Large and the Board of Governors.

Adrienne Barney, Administrator
Phone:  (312) 988-5230

Provides support to the House of Delegates and the Committee on Rules and Calendar.  Prepares agenda material, maintains House listsserv and general correspondence.  Compiles and produces Resolution with Reports.  Processes reimbursement requests for members the House of Delegates.

Lana Rivera, Administrative Assistant
Phone:  (312) 988-5216

Provides administrative support to the representation and membership activities of the House of Delegates.  Also provides administrative support to the Board of Elections and other House Committees.  Verifies certifications and credentials for members of the House of Delegates.

Research & Archiving/Records Retention & Storage
Contact Shirley Myles or Adrienne Barney

Collect, store, protect, maintain and retrieve records of all official ABA policy records.  Maintain and administer the Association’s inactive records program.