Diversity Summit
The genesis of the Summit came from discussions of the ABA Advisory Council on Diversity about the need for the American Bar Association to look collectively and collaboratively at the issue of diversity within the association. The decision was made to convene the first ABA Diversity Summit that would begin the process of defining an association-wide strategy for increased racial and ethnic diversity within the ABA and specifically within the leadership of the ABA. The Summit was co-sponsored by the ABA Advisory Council on Diversity, Section Officers Conference, Membership Committee, Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity and the Council on Racial and Ethnic Justice.
ABA Chair of the House of Delegates, Karen Mathis listens to the discussion in the "Access" breakout session. Lt. Benes Aldana of the ABA Young Lawyers Division is in the foreground

ABA Immediate Past President William Paul makes a point in the "Environmental/Cultural Issues" breakout session.
We turned to the sections, divisions and forums of the association for their input into these efforts. On May 18-19, 2001, section leadership, section diversity committee chairs and invited guests joined with ABA leadership to develop solutions and strategies on these critical issues, through a day of both discipline and improvisation.
It is planned that the next phase of this project will gather input from state, local and minority bar associations on these same issues. Similar discussions will also take place with ABA staff. The end result will be the development of a draft ABA diversity plan.
ABA President Elect Robert Hirshon (at right) and ABA Young Lawyers Division Chair-Elect Laura Farber listen to Hon. Eileen Kato of the Judicial Division make a point in the "Recruitment" breakout session

(Left to Right) Carolyn Golden of The Boston Law Firm Group, Scott Atlas and Kim Askew of the ABA Section of Litigation prepare to vote at the "Priorities Wall"
For more information on the Diversity Summit please contact Janet Jackson at Janet.Jackson@americanbar.org.

The Summit participants were treated to sounds of a Chicago-area jazz ensemble.