August 08, 2019

William K. Weisenberg

William K. Weisenberg
Seventh District, (2022)
Attorney in Columbus, Ohio
New York Law School, J.D., 1969

Bill has been a member of the House of Delegates since 2006. Chair of the Standing Committee on Governmental Affairs. Chair of the Standing Committee on Judicial Independence (2008-2011). Retired senior policy adviser and assistant executive director for public affairs, governmental relations and diversity initiatives for the Ohio State Bar Association. Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Trustee of the Ohio State Bar Foundation. Member of the Supreme Court of Ohio Task Force on Access to Justice. Reason to serve: “I think through my experience in working with the ABA and also with the Ohio State Bar Association through my career, I have a pretty good understanding of association work. I have a pretty good understanding of member value and relevance, and how an association can be of value to its members. I think giving back to my profession, participating in enhancing the legal profession and our service to our members and our public.”

Plans for term: “The most important is being a constructive member of the board and enhancing the profession. Not one person can do it all, it’s a team effort. It’s working in collaboration with the board, the committees and sections of the association, working well with the state and local bar associations and understanding there is a collaboration that we need to engage in. Further, how we expand access to justice for the citizens of this country, the people. I think in any way that I can contribute to that as a member of the board based upon my experience hopefully will be of assistance.”

Positive experience with the ABA: “Serving as chair of the Standing Committee on Judicial Independence was a fairly significant matter. I’ve always been very interested in my career in dealing with the courts and dealing with issues affecting the public’s perception of the value and importance of our courts and democracy. Efforts to enhance public understanding of the role of the judiciary is a very important responsibility and function of the organized bar. A number of the projects we engaged in during my time on the committee, as both a member and chair, were devoted to those efforts.”