August 08, 2019

Michael W. Drumke

Michael W. Drumke
Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section (2022)
Partner with Swanson, Martin & Bell in Chicago
University of Wisconsin Law School, J.D., 1991

Michael is a member of the House of Delegates since 2015. Chair of the Section Officers Conference (2015-2017). Chair of the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section (2014-2015) and TIPS revenue officer (2006-2009). Member of the TIPS Council (2005-2019) and chair of its Continuing Legal Education Board (2004-2006) and Toxic Torts and Environmental Law Committee (2001-2002). Member of the Standing Committee on Silver Gavel Awards (2008-2011). Reason to serve: “I am a longtime ABA member who has been active in the sections, or my section at least, since 1995. I think at this point in time, it’s important that the sections be understood, that people with experience in the sections have a voice on the board so that the board can make informed decisions.”

Plans for term: “It’s a challenging time for the ABA right now, and what I would like to see is the ABA figure out a model where it can accomplish its mission, which includes member service, more effectively. And in my view, member service starts with the sections. It branches out from there.”

Positive experience with the ABA: “There are a lot of positive experiences, but the most positive experiences was the opportunity to chair the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section and the other was chairing the Section Officers Conference. Being chair of TIPS was a tremendous experience because we had to a chance to work on and build the TIPS Section Conference, which is going into its fourth year. ... It’s a very broad and diverse section encompassing a lot of different areas of practice, so I had an opportunity to meet people in the section and work with them on projects that I otherwise would not have.”