August 08, 2019

James J. S. (Jim) Holmes

James J. S. (Jim) Holmes
Goal III LGBT Member-at- Large (2022)
Senior equity partner at Clyde & Co in Los Angeles
Arizona State University College of Law, J.D. 1986

Jim was Chair (2012-2015), commissioner (2009-2012) and liaison to the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section (2008-2009) for the Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Member of the TIPS Section Council and Standing Committee on Governmental Affairs since 2017. Member of the 2015-2016 Diversity & Inclusion 360 Commission. Sustaining life fellow of the American Bar Foundation. Member of the LGBT Bar Association of Los Angeles Board of Governors. Reason to serve: “[Roberta] ‘Bobbie’ Liebenberg chaired the Governance Commission, and one of the things we pressed for was to add a seat to the Board of Governors. It would be a split seat, three years for disability, three years for LGBTQ, and the rationale for it was ‘if you’re not in the room, you’re on the menu.’ ... There have been LGBTQ members of the board before, but here is one where it is making a specific point that you need to remember.”

Plans for term: “First and foremost is to keep up that which makes the American Bar Association the premier bar association that it is. We are leading the profession and society on the law and commenting on the issues. People have always respected the ABA, because we have reasoned thought for the things we advocate and we’re there to advocate. That’s the strongest thing about the ABA. Obviously, continuing and maintaining our incredible record with regard to education, leadership opportunities and advancement of the profession and society. And increasing our membership.”

Positive experience with the ABA: “In my last year as chair of the SOGI Commission, the commission had a resolution that was passed by the House of Delegates where the ABA opposed conversion therapy for minors. ... I was very fortunate in my life. One would have never thought, coming from traditional demographics—my parents were both former Marines, staunch Catholics, conservative Republicans and they never missed a beat when I told them I was a gay. That’s incredible from 30-plus years ago. You hear all of the horror stories of what kids go through, being locked out of their houses and abandoned by their family. ... No one missed a beat in the House. When you sit back and hear that, and feel that from the association, that’s a good place.”