August 08, 2019

Bonnie E. Fought

Bonnie E. Fought
Section of Science and Technology Law (2022)
Attorney in Hillsborough, California
University of California at Berkeley School of Law, J.D. 1990

Bonnie is the Founder and past chief operating officer, chief financial officer and general counsel of Connectix Corp. Member of the House of Delegates since 2007. Chair of the Section of Science & Technology Law (2000-2001). Member of the Section Officers Conference Executive Committee (2016-2018). Member of the Standing Committee on Continuing Legal Education (2014-2017), Standing Committee on Publishing Oversight (2011–2014) and Standing Committee on Technology and Information Systems (1999-2002). 

Reason to serve: “I think it’s an important time for the ABA in terms of the new membership initiative and I hope that because of my background and my experience with the ABA, I will be able to add value and perspective there that will be helpful as we navigate our way through this time of change.”

Plans for term: “I view the role more not that individual trustees have specific goals or objectives, but that your goals and objectives are the advancement of the organization. I don’t have any individual goals other than to advance the work of the American Bar Association and the entities that make that up. There is a lot of great work that’s being done, so my role is to ensure that the work can continue to happen and happen in a better way.”

Positive experience with the ABA: “I worked as an intern at the ABA when I was in college. Before I was in law school, I was an undergrad at the University of Michigan, and they had this summer program in D.C. I went and worked with the American Bar Association for two summers. It helped me understand the association but also fueled my interest in law. That was probably the most formative experience I had with the ABA.”