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LPL Resources

Risk Management Resources

This compendium of materials is designed to help you manage your practice, avoid risk and better understand your insurance coverage.

Insurance Issues

Tools and topics on purchasing, maintaining and making the most of your insurance coverage.

Shopping for Malpractice Insurance: There is more than cost to consider

Getting Along With Underwriters: Cooperation, communication ease the insurance renewal process

Shoring Up Malpractice Insurance: The importance of prior acts coverage and extended reporting endorsements

No Retreat in Retirement: Liability claims may shadow lawyers who change practice status

Hiring Without a Net: Firms need to check coverage on new attorneys with old lawsuits

The Buck Stops Where? It's bad business to hide potential malpractice claims from insurers

When Employee Relations Turn Sour: Insurance coverage for employment-related claims can soften the blow

Practice Pointers

Strategies and solutions for managing your practice, minimizing risk, and avoiding claims.

Special Considerations for Sole and Small Firm Practitioners

The Top Ten Malpractice Traps and How To Avoid Them

Not to Panic - Suits Happen: Bring your malpractice insurance carrier into the case upfront

Questionable Tactics: Lawyers can protect against suits that second-guess litigation choices

Not So Well-Kept Secrets: Office checkup will prevent unintended breach of client's confidence

Danger: Lawyer on Board: If your client offers you a corporate directorship, just say no

Your Partner's Keeper: Peer review can avoid malpractice disasters in the making

Expanding the Plaintiff Pool: Some nonclients are succeeding in malpractice claims against lawyers

When Duty Calls Long Distance: Local counsel are also vulnerable in malpractice suits against lead attorneys

When Doing Deals Is Risky: Don't get involved in a client's business unless you're prepared to cover losses

Navigating Partnership Perils: Many firms choose LLPs and LLCs as a preferred, though hazardous, course

When Outsiders Fill In: Work arrangements with nonfirm lawyers can increase liability risks

The Hazard: Failure to screen cases

Casting Your Net for Clients

Ethical Endeavors

Guidance and groundwork to help you avoid professional responsibility problems.

Sue and Be Sued

An Invitation to Malpractice: Ignoring conflict-of-interest rules can open Pandora's box

An Invitation to Malpractice (Part II): Once a conflict of interest is spotted, take action promptly

Who's the Client? Representing a business partnership may require some detective work

The Hazard: Conflicts of interest

The Hazard: Suing to recover fees

The Hazard: Practicing outside your area

The Trouble with Email

ABA Journal Articles on Professional Liability

Selected Model Rules of Professional Conduct