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July 07, 2016

Materials for Purchasers of Professional Liability Insurance

Materials for Purchasers of Professional Liability Insurance

Use these materials as a supplement to our other resources during your search for new or replacement professional liability coverage.

The ABA Standing Committee on Lawyers' Professional Liability and the ABA Center for CLE hosted a Teleconference entitled "Controlling Legal Malpractice Insurance Costs and Availability in a Changing Marketplace." A panel of insurance industry experts discussed the nature of insurance market, as well as their view of what is to come, and how lawyers can respond. Click here to view biographical information on the faculty members. Click here to view a Table of Contents of the specific topics discussed, or click here to view an edited, condensed version of the teleconference transcript.

Click on the links below to view the printed materials used in conjunction with the Teleconference.
What Is Reinsurance?

Law Firm Loss Prevention

Controlling Legal Malpractice

Additional Tools and Resources

Click on the topics listed below for brief but useful insurance-related information.
Checklist for Purchasers

How To Better Understand Insurance Coverage

Notes on Insurance Cost

How To Prevent Gaps in Coverage

What To Do if You Have a Potential Claim

What To Do if You Are Declined Coverage

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