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October 22, 2014

Fall 2014 Conference Session Video

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word: When to Admit Liability at Trial

Attorneys make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes cannot or should not be denied. While many cases in which an attorney made a clear error settle, many do not. Should the attorney admit that he or she erred at trial? If so, how should that error be presented to a court or jury? This program will address handling admitted error during discovery and through trial. Attendees will come away from this session armed with strategies to prepare their clients for deposition, address written discovery, and how to present an admitted error to the finder of fact in opening statement, witness examinations and closing argument.

Moderator: Edith R. Matthai, President and Managing Partner, Robie & Matthai, Los Angeles, CA
R. Dennis Donoghue, Founder & President, Donoghue & Associates, Inc., Chicago, IL
Lisa L. Shrewsberry, Partner, Traub Lieberman Straus & Shrewsberry LLP, Hawthorne, NY
Christine D. Spagnoli, Partner, Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP,
Santa Monica, CA