Ed Mendryzcki Essay Contest

The LPL Essay Contest Winners

For Innovative Research and Writing on Lawyers' Professional Liability

2019 Ed Mendrzycki Essay Contest Winner
Kimberly Barton

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2018 Ed Mendrzycki Essay Contest Winner
Eugene Park

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2017 Ed Mendrzycki Essay Contest Winner
Leslie Minora
of Philadelphia, PA

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2016 Ed Mendrzycki Essay Contest Winner
Nora Wong
of New York, NY

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2015 Ed Mendrzycki Essay Contest Winner
Rikkilee Moser
of DeKalb, IL

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2014 Levit Essay Contest Winner
Caroline Leonard
of Brighton, MA

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2013 Levit Essay Contest Winner
Michael Stramiello
of Tuscaloosa, AL

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2012 Levit Essay Contest Winner
Aileen M. McGill
of New York, NY

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2011 Levit Essay Contest Winner
Alexandra Lee Newman
of Chicago, Illinois

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2010 Levit Essay Contest Winner
Michael Goodwin
of St. Anthony, Minnesota

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2009 Levit Essay Contest Winner
Alanna O’Rourke
of Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan

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2008 Levit Essay Contest Winner
Shira Forman
of New York, New York

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2007 Levit Essay Contest Winner
Andrew King
of Fayetteville, Arkansas

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2006 Levit Essay Contest Winner
Cassandra Burke Robertson
of Austin, Texas

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