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Getting Started with a Marketing Plan


Marketing to Attorney Panel Members

It is critical that attorneys understand the many benefits of belonging to a public-service lawyer referral and information program. Outreach to the attorneys in your community takes many forms. Brochures publicizing the benefits of panel membership provide an initial means of presenting the benefits of your program and projecting an image.

Another successful tool are articles describing the benefits of panel membership. Avoiding negligent referral liability is another plus.

Marketing LRIS Within Your Bar Association

Marketing to the Hispanic Community

Dialogue Resources

3 part series on “The Frugal LRIS Director: Using Advertising Dollars Effectively”

National Public Awareness Campaign

The LRIS National Awareness Campaign is an ongoing public relations campaign to increase the visibility of public service lawyer referral throughout the country. Efforts include: television and radio satellite media tours with the ABA President, radio public service announcements, newspaper articles, and video news releases. The radio tour in 2000 gained an estimated audience of more than 9.9 million consumers.

Information and resources for public relations professionals: Online Media Kit

Free Press Releases

Need a Lawyer? Look for "Meets ABA Standards" Logo
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Legal Concerns About Your Job? Lawyer Referral Can Lead to Help for Employment Problems Download PDF

Injured on the Job? Lawyer Referral Services Help With Workers' Compensation Claims Download PDF

Baby Booties, Teddy Bears... and Legal Nightmares: Adoptive Parents Can Get Help from Lawyer Referral Download PDF

To Find Lawyers Online, Look to ABA's Lawyer Referral Service Download PDF

Contact Us

The committee provides support and assistance to local public service lawyer referral programs that provide information on appropriate, quality legal services to the public. We offer a number of resources for local bar leaders and lawyer referral programs.

E-mail our staff or call (312) 988-5786 for more information.