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Summer 2019

  July 2019

Articles from the Community

Legal Delivery

You Don’t Have to Struggle Alone!

If your program is facing challenges, the ABA offers two programs dedicated to helping you meet those challenges and build the most effective LRIS program possible. Even if your service is not struggling or facing major challenges but rather is doing well, you can still avail yourself of these programs to take your service to the next level by learning about recommended "best practices" for working internally with your bar association leadership or externally with your panel attorneys and the public.

Legal Delivery

San Diego County Bar's Lawyer Referral Service Sets Fees for Bankruptcy, Business Formation, Estate Planning, and Family Law Matters

Our community—and likely most communities throughout the country—has a real need for lower cost legal services. Traditional law firm pricing can be exorbitant, making legal counsel inaccessible for many people who desperately need services and guidance. And while there are myriad "on demand" legal service providers popping up online, our experience in referring lawyers in our community for over 66 years has demonstrated that consumers want to know they are hiring someone they can trust.