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October 12, 2020 #LRIS2Know

About This Year's Workshop....

By Staff Counsel

About This Year’s Workshop….

This is probably an understatement but, this year has been different.  Most of us are still working remotely.  Some of us have students that are studying remotely.  We have been restricted in our travels, and many places require, ahem, “facial attire.”  But still, the Workshop goes on!

No, we are not gathering in person.  Like many of you, we were really looking forward to going to New Orleans, gaining new information, and meeting with colleagues we only get to see once a year. But all is not lost.  We have tried our best to duplicate the experience as much as possible, and we hope you’ll join us for 2 full days of dynamic panels to help your operations.

This year, instead of a hotel, we will be meeting on a platform called Remo.  Different from other platforms, when you log in, you will enter into a room that looks a lot like a banquet seating chart, and you will be placed at a “table.”  At that table, you will only speak to the others located at your table.  No yelling across a call with 100 people.  Just a videoconference with a small group.  Want to join another group?  No problem.  Double click on any open seat, and you can move about.  Find out where friends are sitting.  Introduce yourself to new people.  We’ll even have space to meet with tech exhibitors and PAR consultants – all in your nicest top and favorite sweatpants.  But, once the presentation starts, its just like any other video conference, and all table talk will be suspended until the next break.

When we leave that room for the Hot Topics roundtables, everything will work the same.  You can join any of the topical tables to discuss cannabis panels (Thursday only), operating post COVID, engaging new lawyers, operating in a new regulatory arena, PAR, and ABA Free Legal Answers.  Don’t like those topics, feel free to gather with colleagues at an empty table.  Need some time away from the screen, this short session is a great time to step away and stretch your legs.

Don’t forget the reception!  Yes, we are having a virtual wine tasting and yes, we are sending you the wines in advance.   Don’t drink wine?  No problem.  You will have the opportunity to select a non-alcoholic goody basket.  Didn’t register by the 11th?  We’ll still make a shipment by the 15th to try to get your package to you in time.  Even if you register October 21st, you can still receive your welcome package, just not in time for the reception.

So now you know what to expect.  Its not exactly the same, but the panelists are just as knowledgeable, and we are just as excited.  And next year, fingers crossed …. beignets!

See You Online!