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Fall 2020

  October 2020

Articles from the Community

Legal Delivery

Developing a Strong Workday Mindset in a Remote Work World

Take a moment to think about your typical workday. If you look closely, every workday is simply a series of dozens of mini-situations you must think through in order to make it through the day: How do I deal with a challenging client? How do I address my lack of motivation around this particular task I have to complete? How do I build a schedule today that will help me eliminate distractions and complete my most important projects?

Legal Delivery

State Bar of Michigan Lawyer Referral Service Helps More than 400 with Special COVID-19 Helpline Panels

When the pandemic related State of Emergency was declared by the Governor of Michigan in March, the State Bar of Michigan called on its members to step forward to serve people with crucial legal needs affected by COVID-19. The Bar created two special initiatives, the Frontline Responders Legal Helpline and the COVID-19 Rapid Response Helpline. Using the Lawyer Referral Service platform as the organizing tool, the helplines were operational within just a few days. Helpline requests were prioritized as they were screened and processed by Lawyer Referral Service Call Center Representatives.