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Lawyer Referral and Information Service Initiatives & Awards

LRIS Leadership Forum

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General Information

LRIS Leadership Forum Agenda
LRIS Forum Attendees
Action Plan from LRIS Leadership Forum 0612
Members and Mandates 0612

Background Materials

WSBA Membership Study Executive Summary
Future of profession task force
Lawyer Advertising
Perspectives on Finding Personal Legal Services
Screen Clients First

Brand Development Task Force

Brand Development Call Notes 071312 1st Call
Building the Service Brand by Creating and Managing an Emotional Brand Experience
An Investigation of Consumer External Information Search for Professional Services
Moderating Role of Stress in Evaluating Negative Services: Encounters With the Police
American Demographics

Online Presence Task Force

Online Presence Call Notes 07/11/12 1st Call
Online Presence Call Notes 07/19/12 2nd Call
Online Presence Call Notes 08/07/12 3rd Call
Online Presence Call Notes 08/16/12 4th Call
NABE News Article July 2012
Template Response Letter ABA Directory

Website Review

Website Evaluation Template
Website Review Assignments

Screening Practices Task Force

Screening Practices Call Notes 07/10/12 1st Call
Screening Practices Call Notes 07/17/12 2nd Call
Screening Practices Call Notes 08/16/12 3rd Call
Screening Practices Call Notes 10/03/12 4th Call
Screening Practices Call Notes 12/06/12 5th Call
LRIS Screening Process Web Page
ABA LRIS LISTSERV "Materials" Request 09/11/12

CLE Education for LRIS Panel Attorneys Task Force

CLE Education Call Notes 07/17/12 1st Call
DRAFT for CLE Sessions