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LRIS Awards

Cindy A. Raisch Award

Nominations for the Cindy A. Raisch Awards are now open and will close on August 27, 2023

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Cindy A. Raisch Biographical Information

In 1984, Cindy A. Raisch began serving as the directing attorney at the Los Angeles County Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service, and quickly became a dynamic, inspirational leader in the LRS community. She later became chair of the ABA Standing Committee on Lawyer Referral Service where, among her many accomplishments, she is credited with innovating the philosophy that LRS programs are in the "business of public service," a philosophy which serves as our collective mantra even now.  In 1994, Cindy died of cancer at just 37 years old.  It is in her honor that we seek to honor programs dedicated to the same ideals that she professed - creating true access to the law as a public service.

Cindy A. Raisch Award

Since 1996, The Cindy A. Raisch award has recognized the enhancement of public service-oriented lawyer referral and information programs that provide access to justice for moderate income consumers across the country.  Public service-oriented programs provide an invaluable service to consumers seeking an avenue of entry to the legal system that is based on addressing individual consumer's actual legal needs and providing information on related and/or non-legal sources of help if such help would be more appropriate to the issue.

Nomination Guidelines

All nominations must be submitted electronically, and should include the following:

I. Nomination Information. The nomination information must be submitted electronically, using this webpage.

II. Nominee Resume or Organizational Information. The nomination package must include a resume or similar document that describes the candidate's professional background and achievements and other relevant activities. For organizations, a brochure or information sheet outlining the program should be included.

III. Award Criteria Narrative and Supporting Material. In no more than three typed pages, address the following criteria, providing specific, concrete examples for at least one of the efforts in numbers 1-3:

  1. Demonstrated superior effort in revising or restructuring an existing program;
  2. Developed and implemented a major program innovation or program concept that increases the public’s access to appropriate legal and non-legal services; or
  3. Exemplified superior lawyer referral and information program standards and practices worthy of emulation.

In addition, you may include news or magazine articles written about the nominee and no more than five letters of support from individuals or organizations.

Nominations are now closed.

Selection Process

The Standing Committee on Lawyer Referral and Information Service will review the nominations and, if appropriate, select one award recipient in a given year. Meritorious Recognition certificates may also be granted in any given year at the Committee’s discretion. The Committee may decide not to present an award if the nominations do not meet the stated award criteria.

Award Presentation

The Award recipient will be notified and the Award will be presented at the National Lawyer Referral Workshop held during the 2024 Forum on Building Access to Justice for All.

Contact Information

Teresa Schmid, Lawyer Referral & Delivery Counsel
American Bar Association
321 N. Clark St., 17th floor
Chicago, IL 60654-7598
(312) 988-5294
[email protected]