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National Lawyer Referral Workshop

Nuts & Bolts Pre-Workshop Program

Pre-Workshop Training for New Managers and Bar Leaders

The LRIS Nuts and Bolts training on Wednesday, October 23, 2019, is a "must-attend," day-long pre-conference program designed to introduce "newbies" to the world of LRIS. 


The day begins with an overview of best practices in program operations, quality standards and current issues. The focus is on proven techniques for managing a cost-efficient program that optimizes volunteer and staff resources. You will understand the delicate balancing act required to bring an entrepreneurial spirit to a public service industry. The "business of public service" mantra is the hallmark of the program.

Beyond the "nuts and bolts" basics, this mini-workshop will also examine every aspect of handling intake calls: from the first welcoming introduction, to closing the call with good will and confidence that the caller will take the next steps. We'll explore proven techniques for starting out on the right foot, identifying the source of the call, active listening, unraveling the facts from a confused caller, and overcoming caller hesitation to follow-up.

The registration fee is $150.00