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The Latest News for ABA Well-Being Pledge Signatories

Presented by the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs

ABA Well-Being Pledge: Update (January 2021) PowerPoint

Jonathan Beitner, Terry Harrell, and Patrick Krill

The panel highlights the 2021 coming attractions for ABA Well-Being Pledge Signatories, reports on the data collected from the 2020 Recommitment Forms, including the successes and challenges reported by Signatories, and offers insightful recommendations to help legal employers promote well-being and address mental health and substance use issues in their organizations.

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Promoting Lawyer Well-Being: Lessons Learned from the ABA Well-Being Pledge Campaign

By Bree Buchanan and Jonathan Beitner

A chapter in the book, HUMAN CAPITAL IN THE LEGAL ECOSYSTEM, (Alex Davies ed., Ark Group (London) 2020). The authors identify trends and best practices gleaned from analyzing the 2020 Recommitment Forms and discuss strategies Pledge Signatories have implemented to embed well-being into the infrastructure of their organizations, de-emphasize the expectation of alcohol, and provide educational programming and resources around mental health, substance use, and well-being topics for their attorneys and staff.

Proceeds from the sale of the chapter are donated to CoLAP.  To purchase the book click here.

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