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September 25, 2018


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Never Enough: One Lawyer's True Story of How He Gambled His Career Away, by Michael Burke

Never Enough: One Lawyer's True Story of How He Gambled His Career Away is the shocking, true story of Michael J. Burke, who went from being a successful lawyer, loving father and husband, and respected member of his community to a closet alcoholic and gambling addict to the tune of $1,600,000, using client's trust account funds. Follow Michael Burke as he descends into his addictions, then must confess all to his family and clients. Then read about his arraignment, and the actual transcripts from his sentencing. Burke then shares stories of his prison life, and then the painful narrative of how his lies and deceit affected his family. In the last two chapters of this important book you'll learn how you can identify a compulsive gambler, and what treatment options are available for this devastating disease. The appendix features comments Mr. Burke has received from the many presentations he has made on the dangers of compulsive gambling, as well as the letters to the court written by Michael Burke's friends in the community before his sentencing, and a list of gambling addiction resources for each state.

Price: $29.95

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The Full Weight of the Law: How Legal Professionals Can Recognize and Rebound from Depression, by Jeff Fortgang and Shawn Healy

Law students and lawyers report having a significantly higher rate of depression than the general population. When untreated, depression affects lawyers and their clients, families, friends, and colleagues. In addition to the effects of mental health conditions on lawyers’ lives, the same disorders can lead to substantial disciplinary issues that threaten attorneys’ ability to practice law. Unfortunately, for many struggling with burdens like depression, it is only when they reach their breaking point, or encounter unavoidable professional consequences, that they feel ready to reach out for assistance. So many benefits could be derived if the problems that can grow to consume a lawyer’s life and career are solved early. Authors Shawn Healy, Ph.D. and Jeffrey Fortgang, Ph.D. work directly with lawyers, law students, and judges who are suffering because of depression. In this book they offer hope through practical, realistic recommendations to help lawyers and the people who care about them understand the causes and symptoms of depression, various forms of treatment, and how to help a lawyer who may suffer from the condition.

Price: $59.95

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2017 Directory of State and Local Lawyer Assistance Programs

Updated annually, the Directory of State and Local Lawyer Assistance Programs identifies bar association committee chairs and program managers. They are the contact persons for programs related to alcohol or drug dependencies, clinical depression, stress, gambling, marital and other domestic problems and other personal problems. A special listing identifies lawyer assistance hotlines, many of which are toll-free, as well as such resources as the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism, the National Council on Alcoholism, International Lawyers in AA, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Price: $45.00

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The Lawyer's Light: Daily Meditations for Growth and Recovery

A new book for lawyers in recovery is available called The Lawyer's Light, by Kevin Chandler. It sponsored by the Senior Lawyers Division and the Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs (CoLAP).

ISBN: 978-1-62722-529-8  
Product Code: 5460212
List Price: $39.95
ABA Member Price:$34.95
Sponsor Member Price: $29.95

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Judges Helping Judges
CoLAP’s Judicial Assistance Initiative has released Judges Helping Judges, a comprehensive publication to assist judges who may be depressed, chemically dependant, or have other mental health conditions that impair judicial performance.

Price: $49.95

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A Lawyer's Guide to Healing: Solutions for Addiction and Depression

This book is for lawyers who find law challenging, frustrating, or stressful-either a dream that must be pursued or a vision that cannot be ignored. This book offers insight into the addictive and emotional problems lawyers face and a special understanding of how we, as lawyers, become susceptible, get sick, and can seek help and recover. Read review...

ISBN: 1-59285-379-X
Page Count: 183
Contribution: $15.00

To obtain a copy of this publication send your request to the Commission's Administrative Assistant, Sharon O'Connell.

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