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March 25, 2020

Recap - Law School Mental Health Day Tweets

On National Mental Health Day for Law Schools (March 28, 2018), CoLAP and the Law Student Division hosted a live Twitter Chat on law student wellness. Students face myriad issues and stressors as they transition both into law school and ultimately from law school into the profession. Some students will seek assistance when issues and pressures mount, while others will attempt to go it alone. This national Twitter Chat aimed to encourage students to seek help when they need it, by addressing questions around stigma, bar application character and fitness, and anything else on the minds of students and those who care about them. The special guests participating were: Mistie Bauscher, Former *Conditional Admittee, Brian Cuban, author of The Addicted Lawyer and Amanda Lee, Harvard Law School Student Government President.

  • Click here for a recap of the Law Student Wellness Twitter Chat which includes links to resources. 

CoLAP and the Law Student Division also encouraged law schools, law students and everyone else to join the conversation and share what they were doing for Mental Health Day by using the hashtag #LawStudentWellness. 

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