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April 14, 2020

National Conference Materials Archives - 2013

Sane Lawyering: Protecting Yourself Against Ethical, Emotional and Professional Disasters or Worse
Linda Albert, LCSW, CSAC, Manager, Wisconsin Lawyers Assistance Program
Terry Harrell, JD, LCSW, MAC, LCAC, Executive Director, Indiana Judges & Lawyers Assistance Program

Trying to figure out how to help yourself or other attorneys thrive during tough economic times; avoid ethical complaints and disciplinary chaos? Ever wonder how some lawyers seem to function well while others barely keep their head above the water? This seminar will look at the research depicting the interface between attorney discipline and impairment, applicable case law and how utilizing the skills of professional hardiness and resilience leads to a higher level of health and well-being.


The Law Student Client: Setting a Straight Course for the Future by Dealing with the Present
Mitch Bailin, Esq., Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Georgetown Law
Barbara Bowe, LICSW, Massachusetts Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc.
Rodney Dowell, Esq., Executive Director, Massachusetts Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc.
Tom Gilbertsen, Esq., Venable LLP; DC Bar Lawyer Assistance Program Volunteer

This presentation will provide an interactive platform for discussing how lawyer assistance programs, using clinical and attorney support, can help law students work through existing and past issues, such as mental health, addiction, and criminal charges, that will prepare the student for a future that includes disclosure of these issues when applying to take the bar examination, talking with others about these issues, and prepare the student for the legal profession.



Identifying and Treating PTSD
Sally R. Lawes, EdS, NCC, LPC-S, Clinical Director, Bradford Health Services
Michael Stewart, Esq., Bradford Health Services

This presentation will outline signs and symptoms of PTSD and how it relates to legal professionals. Additionally, strategies to treat lawyers with both PTSD and addiction are provided to ensure competent delivery of legal services.

Speakers sponsored by Bradford Health Services

Codependence: Games, Changes and Fears

Isaac L. Boose, M. Ed, LPC-S, LMFT, CAADC, Director, Pine Grove Next Step
Anne McDonald, Esq., Executive Director, Kansas Lawyers Assistance Program

This presentation will provide a brief history of the term codependence; a definition of codependence and identify some of the characteristics of codependence. Specific aspects of codependence will be highlighted as it applies to lawyers and their interaction with clients; lawyers and their families; and law firms and other practice settings. Experiential case studies of codependency in specific lawyers and their work with lawyer assistance programs will also be provided. 

Sponsored by Pine Grove Behavioral Health Hospital



The Movement of Grace - No materials for this session
Jennifer Angier, NCAC II, Executive Director, Foundations Recovery Network Atlanta

Participants will be challenged to recognize the intimate qualities of the absence, the emergence and the living experience of grace in patients struggling with process addictions. Often, these challenging patients have experienced a broad range of difficulties in their efforts to treat their disease, even as they have reconciled to the idea of choice and have a desire to build a sustained recovery.

Speaker sponsored by Foundations Recovery Network



Facing and Addressing Cognitive Impairment or Decline in Our Colleagues
Mike Long, JD, MSW, CEAP, Attorney Counselor, Oregon Attorney Assistance Program 
Tracy L. Kepler, Senior Counsel, Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission

This presentation will acknowledge the challenges that the legal profession and lawyer assistance professionals face when a lawyer begins to exhibit signs of cognitive impairment or decline. Guidelines for assessing and intervening with lawyers exhibiting cognitive impairment or decline developed by the CoLAP Senior Lawyer Committee will be introduced. The presentation will also distinguish and discuss how the roles and responsibilities of LAP professionals differ from those of state disciplinary counsel in facing these challenging cases.



Consideration of Diversity in the Treatment of Impaired Attorneys 
Shari R. Gregory, LCSW, JD, Assistant Director/Attorney Counselor, Oregon Attorney Assistance Program
Elsa Leyva, JD, Deputy Public Defender, Office of the Public Defender, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, California
Kim Stephen Nakae, M.A., B.A., Adjunct Faculty Member, Phillips Graduate Institute; California LAP Group Facilitator

This program will raise awareness of the various dimensions of diversity that exist between the therapist, treatment provider, lawyer assistance program counselors and the attorney. By successfully addressing ethnicity, gender, religion, socio-economic status, age, race and other dimensions of impaired lawyers we increase the chance of overall treatment success.

Learning objectives: a) diversity is not limited to ethnicity; b) cultural sensitivity can be improved but also harmed by sweeping generalizations about any dimension of diversity (e.g. drinking is more acceptable in this culture or that culture or women are more ashamed about substance abuse than men) and; c) the model of addiction adopted by the treatment professional is an important dimension of diversity. 

Spirituality in the Chemical Dependency Treatment of Legal Professionals

Rabbi Jenny Skylark Kuvin, JD

Presenter will provide a clear definition of spirituality and will explain its central role in successful recovery from chemical dependency. She will also show blocks to developing spirituality unique to those in the logic centered legal profession and will give examples of solutions to overcome them to build a peaceful and abundant future in recovery. Participants will learn various tools, such as meditation, prayer, and creative exercises that will help any legal professional begin to connect spiritually. Presentation is an explosive combination of dynamic energy, humor, creativity and inspiration.

Speaker sponsored by Advanced Medical Practice Management