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2017 Award Winners

2017 Meritorious Service Award: 

Linda Albert and Patrick Krill, for their tireless efforts toward The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns Among American Attorneys, a collaborative study by ABA CoLAP and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation examining alcohol use, substance use, mental health issues and help-seeking behaviors of lawyers. 

2017 Meritorious Service Award for Law Student Wellness: 

Megan Cunningham, a rising 3L at Boston University School of Law, for her vital part in the establishment and growth of theRecovery@BU program, a Collegiate Recovery Program that offers services, support and fun for students in recovery.

CoLAP Awards

John "Jack" Keegan Award

  • The John "Jack" Keegan Award is given to a Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) volunteer in recognition of distinguished efforts, who has been an example for all to follow and has brought honor to the lawyer assistance movement.

Distinguished Service Award

  • The Distinguished Service Award is presented to a lawyer assistance program (LAP) employee for outstanding performance in the advancement of ABA CoLAP’s goals and for bringing honor to the lawyer assistance movement. 

Certificate of Appreciation for Justices

  • The Certificate of Appreciation for Justices was created in 1994 to honor enlightened judges who recognize alcoholism for what it is; a treatable disease and not a moral weakness. The nominees are nominated by their state bar associations. The award criteria includes financial support provided to lawyer assistance programs, promotion of mandatory continuing legal education with required or accepted chemical dependency education, support for confidentiality and immunity for the lawyer assistance program participants, and consideration of alternative sentencing when lawyer addiction is a factor.

Certificate of Appreciation for Bar Association Executive Director

Meritorious Service Award

  • The Meritorious Service Award is in honor of individuals not associated with ordinary and regular LAP functions who have gone above and beyond normal expectations to assist the lawyer assistance program in their jurisdiction. Contributions may be in the form of direct aid (such as financial), cooperation (such as between the LAP and the disciplinary agency, state bar association or law school), or indirect assistance (such as increased media presence).

Meritorious Service Award for Law Student Wellness

  • The Meritorious Service Award for Law Student Wellness acknowledges the work of law schools, students, staff or faculty members who have made a significant contribution to law student assistance, as defined by furthering the goals of the CoLAP Law School Assistance Committee. This award is presented to a law student, law school, staff or faculty member who has made a significant initiative or contribution toward law student mental and physical wellness through prevention, education, intervention and treatment of substance use disorders, addiction and mental illness with the law student population.

Past Award Recipients