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About the Commission

For details on the Commission’s activities, view its Informational Report to the House of Delegates.

Collaborate with CoLAP

CoLAP would like to collaborate with anyone interested in advancing well-being within the profession.

Commission Members | 2023-2024

  • Pamela Yvette Hourigan, Chair

    Frankfort, KY

  • Christine P. Anderson

    Chicago, IL

  • Robin Belleau

    Chicago, IL

  • Jacqueline Freeman

    Lansing, MI

  • Alejandro Guadarrama

    Washington, DC

  • Kyra M. Hazilla

    Portland, OR

  • Hon. Ivan L. R. Lemelle

    New Orleans, LA

  • Nicholas Trott Long

    Little Compton, RI

  • Joseph Stockwell

    Nashville, TN

Advisory Commission Members | 2023-2024

  • Christopher B. Aupperle

    Lincoln, NE

  • Brittany Barbee

    Oxford, MS

  • Carole M. Bass

    New York, NY

  • Crystal Rae Coel

    Louisville, KY

  • Meriel Coleman

    Chicago, IL

  • Whittney A. Dunn

    St. Louis, MO

  • L.O. Natt Gantt, II

    High Point, NC

  • Jeffrey Grant

    New York, NY

  • Thomas J. Grden

    Lansing MI

  • Lynn LeMoine

    Saint Paul, MN

  • Anna G. Levine

    Windsor, NJ

  • Anthony John (Tony) Macauley

    Pasadena, CA

  • Michael Edwards McCabe, Jr.

    Potomac, MI

  • Molly Ranns

    Lansing, MI

  • Janet Ellen Stearns

    Coral Gables, FL

Staff | 2023-2024

  • Stephanie Custard

    Senior Counsel

  • Tashiana Williams

    Associate Counsel

  • Lucy Dioguardi

    Program Specialist

Request Media Credentials

ABA media credentials are available to reporters, editors, producers, video camera operators and still photographers who present valid press identification