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Your OCI Toolkit: How to Build Your Case for the Big on-Campus Interview

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Your OCI Toolkit: How to Build Your Case for the Big on-Campus Interview

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It’s not exactly Game of Thrones. But in OCI, you gotta play to win. And we’re here to help you slay at your on-campus interview.

We’ve gathered the top information on everything that goes into OCI, interviewing tips, help with your resume and cover letter, and what to do if OCI isn’t for you.

The Big Picture

Everything you need to know about OCI

Most large law firms do the majority of their hiring of new law graduates during OCI season. This sets up your summer between 2L and 3L, and potentially, your full-time employment after graduation. And here’s how it all works.

How to stand out from the crowd

The time for bland platitudes is over. Prepare specific answers and memorable examples of what you’ve done to make your OCI experience unforgettable for the interviewer.

How to survive the OCI gauntlet

What’s your elevator pitch? How do you embrace your weaknesses? How do you turn the tables on the law firm recruiter? Here are ways you can make a positive impression every time.

Making an informed decision in OCI

Sometimes, you won’t be right for the firm. But it’s important to remember that the firm might not be a fit for you either. It’s a high-stakes decision, and these four tips can help you determine if you’re choosing the right job.

Interview Tips

Interview tricks you should know

What will those firms ask you? What should you ask them? Will they figure out that you are a total fraud and have absolutely no useful skills to offer? No worries. We’ve got you covered.

8 Tips for A+ Interviews

Top performers in interviews prepare, but there’s more that sets them apart. They have specific details on what makes them a good fit and know the answers before they get the questions.

9 quick questions to help you find a good fit

Just because we’re increasing the info doesn’t mean there’s any reason to worry. Sure, you’ll want to be ready for questions about your background. But what about the things you need to know about potential employers? Learn how to focus on your strengths and see how your interests match with the interviewer’s firm.

Webinar: The experts help you prep for on-campus interviews

Nervous about how you’ll do? Lawyers from both sides of the interview table share their advice on the interview process and how to land the elusive “call-back.”

The 3 basic elements of making a good impression during OCI

Competence, connection, and confidence. Here’s what those three words mean for you as you put your best face forward.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Dos and don’ts for resumes and cover letters

You have 15 seconds to grab the attention of the interviewer. Here’s a road map to how you can use that time wisely.

Open doors at law firms

Your application should be a targeted advertisement for yourself that will cause the person reading it to think, “Hiring this person will make my life easier.”

The best way to follow up on your resume after you’ve submitted it

The next time you are wondering about the status of your application, don’t just ask about it. Instead, use this opportunity to add value to your follow up communications and stay top of mind. 

The Judicial Niche

Clerkship Confidential: Judges Reveal What It Takes To Get Inside Their Courtroom

Five judges from the ABA Judicial Division to get their expert advice on landing a coveted judicial clerkship, making the most out of this opportunity once you’re in their chambers, secrets to working well with judges, and other tips from the bench.

Didn’t Get Picked for OCI?

Struck out at OCI? It’s not the end of the world

It’s happened – you did not get a callback from OCI. The race is not over. You now have the opportunity to approach the rest of the interview season and law school more strategically and make circumstances change in your favor.

Missed out on OCI? Here’s how to look ahead to your next step

If OCI was not in the cards, you did not get a job offer, or you just don’t want to go straight from law school to private practice, you are probably wondering, “what should I do now?” This webinar helps answer your questions.