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The Law Student Podcast

Russia v. Ukraine: The Policy and Legal Considerations of an Unprovoked Attack on a Sovereign Nation

Meghan Steenburgh and Judge James E. Baker

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In the conflict instigated by Russia in Ukraine, we have already seen numerous and outrageous Russian violations of the Laws of Armed Conflict, but what legal recourse is there against these acts? Meg Steenburgh of the ABA Law Student Podcast interviews Judge James E. Baker to learn about the interplay of law and war on the international stage. Judge Baker examines Russia’s actions to date and offers insights on how the U.S. and other international players can and/or should respond as they follow the rule of law. They also discuss new uses of AI in war, historical examples that compare to Ukraine’s struggle against its aggressor, and why law matters even if a wartime opponent refuses to adhere to it. 

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