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The Law Student Podcast

Fighting the Tide of Student Debt

Sharon Nelson, Sandra Denise Gallant-Jones, Crystal Araujo, Jennifer Nicholls, Whitney Barkley, and Michael Dumas

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If you want to be a successful lawyer, law school is a given. With the hike in student loans, however, it may be a while before you actually make any money.

In this Legal Talk Network report On the Road at the ABA Midyear Meeting in Miami, Sharon Nelson and Sandy Gallant-Jones interview Crystal Araujo, Jennifer Nicholls, Michael Dumas, and Whitney Barkley about rising student loans and what this means for new lawyers. A couple programs are in place to help students with their debt, like income-driven payment plans and loan repayment assistance programs, but different borrowers need different solutions. For example, recent graduates aren’t the only ones concerned about their debt. Older graduates and those who paid for their children to attend college are also experiencing this burden and potential solutions may look different for them.

The group discusses this as well as the way law schools are reacting to the concerns of their students. Some schools are marketing affordability, but is this enough to encourage the attendance of potential students wary of the expense?

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