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The Law Student Podcast

Engaging with AI in Your Future Legal Career

Leah Haberman, Chay Rodriguez, Todd Berger, and Orly Lobel

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There’s no way to take a pass on tech competence. In your future as a lawyer, you have an ethical responsibility to understand and use technology in your practice, and today’s fastest-growing tech is AI. Whether you’re an AI fan or a little scared of a robot takeover, this podcast will help you understand many of the latest AI trends and their impacts on the legal world.

Leah Haberman interviews Professor Orly Lobel, author of The Equality Machine: Harnessing Tomorrow’s Technologies for a Brighter, More Inclusive Future, to discuss AI, algorithms, current tools, and how to make sense of them all. There are and always will be positive and negative implications for AI uses, and our goal should be to use it for good.

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