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The Law Student Podcast

Don’t Let Law School Crush Your Creativity

Leah Haberman, Chay Rodriguez, Todd Berger, and Michelle Falkoff

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As law students learn to be lawyers, some feel that they lose themselves—that their prior creative, dynamic individuality is slowly replaced by an unrecognizable law school robot. If you’ve experienced this disorienting feeling, you’re not alone. Host Leah Haberman is joined by Professor Michelle Falkoff of Northwestern University to talk about how to hang on to your creativity in law school.  In their conversation, they examine the art of communication through legal writing and how originality and personal authenticity help you become an even better lawyer. 

This episode of the ABA Law Student Podcast is full of new voices! Faculty host Professor Todd Berger is joined by student hosts Leah Haberman and Chay Rodriguez for a new season of episodes focusing on topics important to today’s law students. 

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