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The Law Student Podcast

Courtroom Appropriate Fashion Tips for New Attorneys

Sandra Denise Gallant-Jones, Kareem Shereef Aref, and Mic Clark

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In this episode of the ABA Law Student Podcast, hosts Sandy Gallant-Jones and Kareem Aref chat with Brooks Brothers District Manager Mic Clark about courtroom appropriate fashion and wardrobe elements that every lawyer should have.

Mic acknowledges that most law students are operating on a budget, but emphasizes that the goal is to use simple affordable pieces to build a wardrobe that gives you a functional week’s worth of clothes. He states that most business is done primarily in blue and gray attire and encourages men to build on solid or patterned variants of those colors. By focusing on a classical, professional aesthetic consisting of quality basic pieces, you are investing in apparel that will last you for a very long time.

Mic advises ladies to focus on blues, grays, and blacks for their basic pieces and discusses the importance of hem length.

He reminds law students that although you are wearing classic pieces, and the guidelines for men and women are different, It’s important to have an element of your personal style present within your look and to have fun with the wardrobe building process.

Mic shares that most people over-launder their clothing and closes the interview with his tips for maintaining your wardrobe long term.

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